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So a little bit about me. I'm an artist, a writer, a creative thinker, a runner, a husband, a father, and everything else. I draw cartoons, design things, make things go.

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It’s not Star Wars Yoga. It’s George Lucas. Doing yoga. It’s art.

Aliens, spacewomen, creatures, intergalactic pilots, and astro-fighters all hit the yoga mat. Soon, robots will enjoy the benefits.

Yoga Super Pop continues…

The Yoga Super Pop Collection continues, with Sci-Fi Galaxy Yoga. May the yoga be with you…always.

The Empire has spoken. What will the Rebels do now?

The super-collected Star Wars Yoga series has been swept away. And it’s not coming back. Unless I get a phone call from the Lucasfilm people begging for more.

The embarrassing part is that I heard from Lucasfilm. They said, please stop with the Star Wars stuff. Your work has gotten too big. You’re standing out too much. You’ve exceeded the limits of what we’ll tolerate.

Okay, they didn’t say all of that. Really, their note was stodgy, like it was written by some Sith lawyer. The Lucas Empire, it seems, found my work and sent the Stormtroopers.

Over the last few weeks, Star Wars Yoga was featured on BuzzFeed, on (the biggest news site in Austria, they tell me), on Wired (the Italian edition), on ThinkGeek’s facebook page, and numerous other sites, including a bunch of yoga-related blogs.

What’s super satisfying is that we took yoga and thrust it into the mainstream of geek culture.

When I initially started producing Star Wars-inspired work, I perceived a permissiveness by Lucasfilm. You could find voluminous amounts of SW art by independent artists on Etsy and elsewhere. How would you interpret this?

I assumed there was some allowance. It seemed that Lucas and Company enjoyed some benefit from extending grace to Star Wars fan-artists. Perhaps the big corporate folks saw an enhanced fan culture by permitting artists to peddle their cottage creations.

Alas, that’s selectively  true.

Now that I’ve heard directly from Lucasfilm, all of my Star Wars-inspired artwork has been sent to the vault.

I respect the rights of Lucasfilm and every other creative conglomerate. They deserve the full benefit and protection of their work.

If you missed the Star Wars Yoga wave, not to fret. New stuff is on the way. (Not Star Wars stuff, of course.) See you on the cutting edge of pop culture.

Interview hee-haw with Kung Fu Jack Knife. From the Staple show in Austin, Texas earlier this month. Had a great time at the show. Thanks to everybody who came by, said hello, and spread the love.

Today is going to be even huger (more bigger?). I’m wearing a tie in the studio. The look is “business kickass”, complete with jeans and Chuck Taylor’s.

Looks like the lid got blown off the Star Wars Yoga stuff. Not sure what to make of it, so I’m keeping my head down.

In the meantime, I’ve placed huge orders for paper, shipping tubes, and shipping tape.

Back to work.

when the internet feels like a warm, snuggly blanket…and then another blanket…and then another? Until you’re under a heap of internet blankets, and the dog has piled on top. Now, you’re just on fire. Internet fire.

Update: According to the Etsy stats, my shop has just gone over 10,000 views for the day. Thanks for looking, friendly, geeky internet people.

April Armistead loves yoga, teaches yoga, and writes a blog about yoga. Today on her blog, Hearts Expanding, she shares a little interview she did with Yours Truly. Plus, she feeds the Star Wars Yoga monster!

My Star Wars yoga artwork has begun popping up around the internet. Probably because I’ve made the pieces available in my Etsy shop. This is Boba Yoga, the first SW yoga piece.

Boba Yoga debuted at an Austin Books art show. It was well received by fans, and the series was born. Eventually, I collected all of the SW yoga poses in one piece, Galaxy Yoga.Galaxy Yoga