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I'm Rob Osborne, and I want to conquer the world. Oh, and I produce this blog. It's my gift to you. Please, enjoy.

So a little bit about me. I'm an artist, a writer, a creative thinker, a runner, a husband, a father, and everything else. I draw cartoons, design things, make things go.

Are you interested in art? Living a life of adventure? World domination? Then you may like what's happening here.

The world is yours. Go forth and conquer!


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Posts tagged "zango"

Drawing a new page for Zango: Nearly Infamous.

Lord Zango rocks the staff pose. Exclusively from the Super Collected edition of the Yoga Super Pop collection.

This may look like a real-life Beavis, but… Could that actually be Lord Zango? The similarities are startling. Perhaps this is where the Nearly Infamous One has been hiding. On the couch, next to Butthead.

You probably know Beavis. Do you know Lord Zango?

Interview hee-haw with Kung Fu Jack Knife. From the Staple show in Austin, Texas earlier this month. Had a great time at the show. Thanks to everybody who came by, said hello, and spread the love.

Halloweenie reminded me of a couple of monsters I’d crafted for The Nearly Infamous Zango. Nothing scares children like fruit. Well, unless you have some broccoli. That’s quite monstrous.